The Moot Court
    The quality and true success of any law college curriculum is measured by how effectively it provides challenges for students, expand their horizons and prepares them for their future careers in Law. That preparations must be taken into account not only the substantiative knowledge and analytical abilities ttiat lawyers need, but also practical skills capability for professional 1udgemeflts and ethics requiredforthe legal profession.

    Library is the ocean knowledge and the books are the ship to Cross the

    widespread knowledge inthe world
    There fore the library is said to be the heart of
    the institute. The institute has huge collection
    of books for each and every student of
    the college as well for the Teachers
    of the institute.
    The Library has more then 30
    Thousand books, Research Journals
    Periodicals, Special issues, Encyclopedia, Law Journals and collection of some rare books. The Library has Computer base Catalogue for search of books in least Time.
    Hostel AccomodatiOn
    OIL & OlT Campus will have on campus hostel facilities for male and female students very soon. However accomodation facilities are made available for boys and girls separately by the Institute outside the campus free of cost.
    Mess & Canteen
    This Institute has its own mess & Canteen for Students and Teachers where healthy food Snacks and others eatables are served to the Students on subsidized payment.
    Educational and Legal Tours and Trips
    Educational and legal tours to the renowned and related places are organized every year, to make the students aware of the latest information abouttheir respective fields.
    The students are to visit mental hospital for the psychological information and High courts, Supreme court etc. for latest legal information. Along with it outdoor excursion and fun trips to various places are also being organized by the college..
    Computer Lab
    Being an age of Computer Science and lnternetwork This Institute is a well equipped with Computer with Internet access to every system. The institute has 20 Computer systems to full fill the requirement of teaching learning process and other requirement of Library, Office etc.
    Career Guidance
    Career counsellor helps the students in career planning through career counsefling where in they gather information aboutthemselVes in term of their interest, aptitudes, abilities so that they can choose their careers move effectively.
    The government provides the scholarship to the needy and those students who belong to reservation categories as per rules and in orderto enthuse sprit of completion among meriiorious students oT the institutions for excellence in academics the management institutes many scholarship.

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